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Grow Progress gives campaigns and marketing agencies the power to persuade more people by understanding the values that motivate them. 

Until now, campaigns have mostly communicated with voters based on stereotypes about how they look — their demographics. But science tells us that we can persuade more voters by appealing to how they think

That’s why Grow Progress allows advocates to see the difference between people who look the same on the surface but are actually motivated by completely different values. 

Our platform uses machine learning to combine audience data and persuasion science into actionable insights that make it easier for campaigns to figure out how to persuade different types of people. Customers use our platform to tailor their messages to match different identities and then send each person the ad that’s most likely to persuade them. 

As a result, customers typically increase the effectiveness of their messages by 200% to 500% — often the difference between winning and losing.

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