Engineering Team Lead

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Engineering Team Lead

Job description

Grow Progress is hiring an accomplished engineer who can lead an engineering team in building cutting-edge persuasion technology for social good.

We’re looking for engineers who want to help pioneer a new approach to persuasion: giving our customers the power to persuade more people based on how they think — not just how they look.

If you want to make a big social impact and grow your skill set by building products from the ground up, we hope you’ll apply.

Who We Are

  • Grow Progress gives our customers the power to persuade more people by tailoring their messages to match each audience member’s identity. We help customers harness the latest persuasion science to create messaging that’s typically 200% to 500% more effective than their existing ads. We do this by predicting which personality traits and values are most important to each individual based on their digital footprints.
  • We’re deploying these tools to super-charge campaigns, causes, and companies that make the world a better place. We currently work with many of the biggest Democratic pollsters, marketing agencies, advocacy groups, and labor unions in the country.
  • We’re a team of experienced campaigners, data scientists, and engineers who are obsessed with harnessing the power of evidence to make social good advocates more effective.
  • We’re ambitious, efficient, low-ego, and we like to make each other laugh.

Why You Should Join

  • Our culture is fun, fast-paced, and focused on evidence. We encourage everyone to feel comfortable contributing ideas — even if it’s on a topic outside of their expertise.
  • Our engineering team prides itself for its ability to be nimble with its process, has an affinity for naming projects after birds, and never fails to lighten the mood with a seriously terrible joke.
  • You will be part of a team that works hard to get smarter together by giving each other feedback that’s direct, actionable, and respectful.
  • We’re deeply motivated by the work we do and committed to using the technology we build ethically, so we’re looking for teammates who feel the same way.
  • You will work on challenging technical problems with the goal of building lean and innovative solutions.
  • By being at the ground floor of a rapidly expanding company, you will get the opportunity to make important decisions and work closely with team leaders.

About The Position

Team leaders are responsible for the success and well-being of their team. This position is a blend of scrum process owner, engineering manager and software engineer. This position reports directly to the head of the engineering department.

We’re looking for someone who can be an excellent advocate for their team and will work with the lead software engineer and other company leaders to ensure that their team has everything it needs to succeed, whether that’s purchasing devops resources or hiring more team members.

A typical week might involve the following:

  • Leading team meetings and scrum process meetings including sprint retrospectives, reviews, planning, etc.
  • Working with the Lead Software Engineer and product owners to set sprint goals and longer term milestones.
  • Participating in sprint execution by fulfilling issues, writing code and participating in code reviews.
  • Providing and receiving feedback through weekly 1:1s with your manager.
  • Conducting weekly 1:1s with team members.
  • Chit-chatting in optional company lunches or grabbing a virtual donut with a colleague.

    About Our Stack

    • Client-facing applications are built with Laravel (PHP), Vue.js, Bootstrap 4 (from source with SCSS), and MySql.
    • Client side assets are bundled with Webpack.
    • Code is version controlled with GIT.
    • Our devops is a combination of Docker, Bash scripts, and Terraform.
    • We use Atlassian software: Bitbucket, Confluence, and Jira.
    • We deploy our products on AWS Resources: specifically EC2, RDS, Lambda, S3, SQS, Redshift, and DynamoDb.

    Job requirements

    Our ideal teammate is:

    • Comfortable working in a small team environment, can take ownership of a team, and can effectively advocate for their team’s ideas.
    • Capable of leading technical planning discussions.
    • Able to communicate technical issues with both technical and non-technical teammates.
    • Comfortable debugging, fixing, improving, and QAing software that they may not have built.
    • Comfortable with version controlling their code.
    • Capable of providing and receiving constructive feedback.
    • Authorized to work in the US.
    • Progressive.
    • Likely to have 10-15 years of engineering experience — but don't let that stop you if you have more years under your belt and you're still interested.

      More About Grow Progress

      We are committed to building a diverse company. We’re an equal opportunity employer. Qualified people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, ages, sex, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, languages, social class, marital status, religions, veteran status, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

      Location: DC preferred, remote within the United States for the right candidate. Everyone on our team is currently remote during the pandemic.

      To Apply: Fill out the form at the link below. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Please note that if you email your resume to our team directly rather than applying through the link, you will not be considered for the position.